Mxi Video Series: Delivering on the Flight Operations Promise

The industry is evolving. Commercial operators today are using more innovative approaches to drive efficiencies across the organization. But while much of the focus to date has been on the customer-facing side of the business, the opportunity exists today to optimize the back office – specifically in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) department.

In this Mxi video series, discover how the Maintenix Operator Edition software can deliver the critical information insights required to improve performance across the maintenance management chain, including:

Maintenance Operations Control (MOC) (duration: 6 minutes)

Watch how MOC managers can quickly return an aircraft to service at less cost; easily understand the potential impact delays will have on flight operations; and ensure all work meets regulatory objectives.

Maintenance Planning (duration: 6 minutes 47 seconds)

See how maintenance planners can build plans that meet all critical maintenance and airworthiness requirements; coordinate activities within the flight operations plan and seasonal aircraft extraction limits; and reduce the number of annual maintenance visits required across the fleet.

Maintenance Supply Chain (duration: 5 minutes 52 seconds)

Watch how materials managers can purchase and issue compliant parts every time; fulfill all maintenance demands without delay; and make informed decisions on how to best meet future material demands.

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