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Making the most of your Maintenix implementation

In addition to the Maintenix® software suite, Mxi Technologies provides a range of corresponding professional services to help our clients effectively and efficiently maximize the value of their Maintenix implementation across the entire maintenance organization. With a proven track record for rapid and successful deployment of the Maintenix product, as well as comprehensive ongoing support at all stages of the solution lifecycle, Mxi Technologies’ services are backed by the people and tools you need to drive measurable improvements and sustainable practices in your maintenance organization.

Mxi Technologies’ services help drive our client success through the direct delivery of support and services, as well as through third-party coaching and guidance to help develop our clients’ understanding of the Maintenix product.

Mxi Technologies’ services organization supports our clients’ installation of the Maintenix software through the delivery of:

  • Comprehensive professional services, targeted to enhance client installations through complementary services offerings
  • Training programs to empower employees with the skills and resources they need to master the Maintenix solution
  • Dedicated 24/7 support for the uninterrupted use and management of Maintenix installations
  • An online support portal for quick receipt and resolution of outstanding support requirements

Every aspect of Mxi Technologies’ services is backed by our services delivery methodology. This methodology is built around a repeatable model that delivers the skills and assets required for the successful implementation and continued use of the Maintenix software. Mxi’s best-practice approach, coupled with more than 15 years of experience, has created the most compelling services offering available on the market today.

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“Thales IFE Systems selected the Maintenix system based on its component-centric design, ability to meet over 95% of the Thales functional requirements, and Mxi’s reputation for successful implementations and exceptional client support.”

Raj Ramasamy, Vice President, Information Technology, Thales Avionics Inc.