Operator Edition Key Features

An integrated, modular approach

The Maintenix® Operator Edition comes complete with fully-integrated modular functionality that collectively span the complete spectrum of aviation maintenance management:

Maintenance Operations Control
  • Intuitive dashboard helps planners manage assigned aircraft’s serviceability throughout day of operations
  • Direct communications with line technicians provides real-time views of latest work assignments and status, helping simplify ad hoc decision-making and troubleshooting
  • Real-time work updates streamline shift handovers, with outstanding defects, latest requisitions, orders and shift notes available immediately for delivery to incoming technicians
  • Ability to automatically update records, including maintenance scheduling, when corrections are made to a past flight
Optimized Line & Heavy Maintenance
  • Work assignment matches aircraft with only those line technicians qualified for the tasks, ensuring accountability and compliance
  • Direct access into supply chain verifies correct parts and tools are available on location, minimizing delays that might ultimately lead to AOGs
  • Anywhere/anytime access to valid configuration and maintenance history expedites work turnaround
  • Direct communications platform between technician and Maintenance Operations & Production Control for easier troubleshooting
  • Electronic signatures support, safeguarding accountability and data integrity
Advanced Maintenance Planning
  • Multi-horizon line, long-range and production planning delivers information relevant to the specific timelines in play
  • Ensures optimal use of parts and labor across all maintenance work, mitigating AOGs
  • Engineering updates are applied across all aircraft fleet and associated task deadlines, enabling managers to focus on planning work instead of determining what work needs to be planned
  • Task resource lists are automatically assembled from engineering definition or defect record, expediting plan build and ensuring effective execution
  • Ability to define weight & balance impacts of maintenance activities so that changes to the operating empty weight and balance can be reflected as soon as maintenance is completed
Integrated Materials Management
  • Auto-reservation feature evaluates parts demands with latest plans to ensure accurate parts fulfillment, enabling material planners to focus on managing exceptions
  • Alternate check feature identifies where alternate parts are available to expand fulfillment, in line with aircraft’s engineering definition, ensuring optimal inventory use
A Connected Workforce
  • Collaborative deferral management capability for fast, effective and recorded decision making
  • Real time At Risk Aircraft/AOG monitoring provides current status at a glance
  • Faster time to resolution by raising or closing faults, and releasing aircraft at the aircraft
  • Reduce non-productive time by eliminating paper, double entry of tasks and the churn caused by transcription errors
Centralized Governance
  • Complete in-service asset configuration management, tracking, and reporting enables improved data accuracy and full compliance traceability, from engineering through to execution
  • Creation and enforcement of engineering rules and policies across the entire maintenance organization makes it easier for planners, mechanics, and materials personnel to understand and confidently follow specified procedures

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