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Aviation maintenance management software for MRO Service Providers

The Maintenix® MRO Edition represents a functionally complete solution for service providers, encompassing the key areas of bidding and quoting, planning and preparation, executing to contract, release-to-service, reporting, and invoicing.  Complemented by supporting business systems, Mxi's MRO solution caters to the complete spectrum of MRO service provider activities and aligns with the business process flow characteristic of the organization.


With its comprehensive functionality and advanced architecture, the Maintenix MRO Edition helps your organization evolve to a new level of MRO management. The system was specifically designed and built to handle the demanding requirements of aviation maintenance, providing a number of advanced features that are unavailable in other systems.

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A purpose-built solution for service providers to control predictability, profitability, and service quality.


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HAECO, a world-leading maintenance, repair and overhaul services provider, selects Maintenix MRO Edition as its core software platform for managing maintenance operations.

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