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Superior maintenance management for efficient and cost-effective operational readiness

Defense maintenance organizations are constantly striving to meet stringent performance targets and achieve affordable operational readiness. These efforts are complicated by the variety and complexity of assets operated out of both permanent and remote deployed sites. At the same time, maintaining complete, real-time visibility of in-theater operations and assets must be balanced with requirements to preserve information security.

The pressure to deliver results, while maintaining operational readiness, tactical performance and mission integrity can compromise cost containment practices.

For defense organizations, the ability to effectively balance cost and operational readiness allows for:

  • Quick and accurate assessments of the condition of in-field assets
  • Mission readiness without overspending
  • The reduction of long-term sustainment costs through continuous improvement.

With unmatched experience in supporting the needs of military maintenance organizations, Mxi Technologies provides today’s defense operators with the market’s only MRO software solution to offer real-time, total asset visibility across a distributed network.

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