Defense Benefits

The monitoring and management of widely dispersed assets in the military maintenance arena present unique challenges for the swift and uninterrupted support of in-theater assets. With fiscal constraints limiting discretionary spending, the need for more streamlined and transparent operations is becoming more critical to success. The defense solution from Mxi Technologies provides military maintenance programs with the information accuracy and timeliness required to confidently manage a distributed network of resources, balanced against ongoing, day-to-day operational requirements in support of operational readiness.

The Mxi Advantage:

Affordable readiness – Precisely monitor asset availability rates and link policy changes to maintenance outcomes in order to achieve significant reductions in sustainment costs.

Optimize performance – Effectively plan and schedule maintenance based on real-time mission and asset utilization data, resource constraints and parts availability, without incurring costs due to oversupply.

Operational agility – Confidently react to unexpected events and changing mission profiles to reduce asset time-out-of-service and optimize operational readiness.

Total asset visibility – Actively manage the logistics network with an integrated, holistic approach for the achievement of targeted performance improvements and improved decision-making.

Deployed operations – Accurately identify assets, resources and required maintenance through in-theater visibility of operational, intermediate and depot maintenance and real-time total asset visibility (TAV) of globally deployed assets.

View the Maintenix® Defense Module Diagram for comprehensive look at the defense solution portfolio.

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