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Total visibility for superior control and simplified compliance

Commercial aviation organizations, including airlines, business jet operators and helicopter operators, are constantly driving to increase efficiency, lower costs and perform maintenance more effectively. Efforts to meet stringent performance targets and establish a sustainable competitive advantage must be continuously balanced against the need to ensure compliance against both business and regulatory constraints.

Striking this balance in a highly dynamic operating environment is not without its challenges. Specific to the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) function, it requires an intelligent network of information and processes working together to ensure all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is quickly and efficiently fulfilled in a way that minimizes disruptions to flight operations, drives greater dispatch reliability, and maintains cross-fleet airworthiness.

The catalyst to achieving optimal operational performance lies in selecting an MRO IT solution that can be trusted to manage complex multi-dimensional maintenance processes, be monitored and changed to improve operational performance, and ensures things get done according to plan.

Maintenix® Operator Edition, from Mxi Technologies, is a comprehensive software system designed specifically to help maintenance management teams address the business and operational challenges of the commercial aviation industry. It provides an integrated platform that empowers aircraft operators with the information insights they need to confidently manage their highest-value assets – from legacy variants to today’s advanced, software-enabled aircraft – to support their core passenger and cargo carrier businesses.

With unparalleled experience in helping fixed- and rotary-wing aviation organizations of all sizes, Maintenix offers an industry-leading approach to effectively balancing day-to-day operational requirements with airworthiness compliance, facilitating real efficiency gains and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Read about the benefits of Mxi Technologies’ software solutions for commercial aviation.

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Huong Wang, China Airlines VP of Engineering, details how the company’s dedication to standardized MRO practices is driving significant performance returns.


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Ensure superior visibility, control, and compliance in your maintenance operation.