20 Years of MRO IT Excellence

A brief look at the history and evolution of Mxi Technologies

In the fast-paced Information Technology sector, many new start-ups come and go. Timelines are often measured in months; sometimes years. Rarely in decades. In reality, only a select few are built to last.

October 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of Mxi Technologies. Over the last two decades, the Mxi brand has taken root and flourished in a singular commitment to delivering innovative software solutions, services and support for the global aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry. Working closely with customers around the world, Mxi has been a proud partner of transformational change, helping evolve the way aviation enterprises, large and small, enable greater efficiencies across the maintenance management chain.

The pace of change is accelerating and unyielding; its scope and impact perpetually widening. Through this brief history of Mxi Technologies, you can trace that change – from the Company’s early days to its rise as one of the most trusted names in the MRO market today.

20th Anniversary

1996-1997: Humble Beginnings

On October 15, 1996, Mxi Technologies was incorporated. On this day, Mxi (which stands for “Maintenance by Information”) was a true high-tech start-up software product company in every sense of the word. The brainchild of two ambitious entrepreneurs, Mxi had no office space, infrastructure, capital, banking facilities, or product. The one thing Mxi did have was talent – a small group of young professionals willing to take a risk to fulfill a desire and vision to develop a new off-the-shelf maintenance management solution from scratch.

  • October 1996, Mxi Technologies is founded in Ottawa, Canada by Brad Forsyth and Doug Brouse
  • Within a month, staff grows to 13 people
  • The Company leases a modest 2nd floor suite in east Ottawa, adjoing the Greenbelt Baptist Church
  • Work begins on a new shrink-wrapped computerized maintenance management prototype, tentatively dubbed Flightworks, later renamed Maintenix

1998-2002: Early Momentum

Maintenix makes its long-awaited debut, and market attention quickly turns towards a small but resolute Canadian software company making waves outside of its borders.

  • After sixteen months’ of effort, the first commercial release of Maintenix hits the market, “a sophisticated electronic work order system designed to help with the planning, scheduling and execution of the maintenance work for the whole aircraft, including the engine”
  • Driven by Year 2000 risks, the United States Navy becomes Mxi’s first customer, supporting its fleet of F-18 fighter jets managing over 2500 engines
  • The Company soon after wins contracts with other key organizations like Volvo Aerospace, Executive Jet Management, Bombardier and the Kuwaiti Air Force
  • In 1999, Maintenix becomes the first aviation MRO off-the-shelf software provider to support forward deployed operations for military customers
  • Mxi experiences double-digit revenue growth, fueling corporate expansion that prompts a move into new high tech office towers in 1999/2000
  • Industry accolades pour in and point to a healthy future. The Mxi trophy case fills up with such awards as Softworld’s Most Promising New Software Company in Canada, Computerworld’s Top 100 Emerging Companies List, Deloitte and Touche Fast 50, and Aircraft Economics Best MRO Software Supplier

2002-2012: Decade of Growth

Maintenix stays one step ahead of the market curve, evolving over seven major releases into a Web-enabled, mobile-ready enterprise software solution that encompasses the full spectrum of asset lifecycle maintenance management. Mxi becomes a reputable market force, building a global user community across all aviation and defense segments.

  • Decade is marked by a number of pioneering achievements by Maintenix in the MRO software industry:
    • First to be certified for paperless use in line maintenance (2002)
    • First to release real-time aircraft connected ACARS driven diagnostics for line mechanics, a joint project with the National Research Council of Canada and Air Canada (2002)
    • First thin-client, Web-architected solution (2004)
    • First to build a mobile handheld disconnected maintenance execution application (2004)
    • First to support configuration management of complex aircraft field loadable software (2006)
    • First to provide integrated performance instrumentation for the application itself (2009)
    • One of the first to manage aircraft and their accompanying simulator maintenance (2009)
    • One of the first to tap into cloud technologies (2011)
    • One of the first to support maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (2011)
  • Mxi’s defense roots deepen with strategic relationships at Dassault, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and BAE Systems, making Maintenix the platform of choice for the world’s most advanced next-generation jetfighters
  • Maintenix footprint also expands dramatically across the commercial operator, OEM and third-party MRO segments, punctuated by deals with Air France, KLM, Boeing Goldcare, NetJets, China Airlines, JorAMCo, Qantas, Icelandair Technical Services, Ethiopian Airlines, and LAN Airlines
  • By 2012, the number of aviation assets supported by Maintenix eclipses 10,000, representing more than 20 percent of the world’s active commercial and military fleets
  • Company experiences significant financial growth, including a compounded three year growth rate of 40 percent between 2007-2009 alone
  • Mxi expands its corporate headquarters in four waves; opens offices in Washington, D.C. and Sydney, Australia; and establishes regional presence in London, Amsterdam and Hong Kong

2012-present: A New Era

Corporate and product line expansion, together with impressive community growth featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, sees Mxi solidify its position as a global market leader, founded on a culture of innovation, value and an unwavering commitment to customer success.

  • In May 2012, Mxi Technologies is acquired by Moelis Capital Partners (NexPhase Capital)
  • Later that year, next-generation Maintenix is born with the launch of Maintenix v8, “a new standard for aviation maintenance management with a focus on mobile applications, advanced planning, and analytics”
  • Backed by its robust architecture, Maintenix achieves performance standards unmatched in the industry, proving capable of supporting over 6,000 concurrent users in a single instance (workforces with upwards of 16,000 maintenance personnel), while holding the industry benchmark for highest scale and performance supporting over 1,100 aircraft
  • Mxi helps Ethiopian Airlines achieve record 24-hour entry-into-service of new 787 Dreamliner
  • By 2013, Maintenix becomes the first aviation MRO software solution to offer touch screen HTML 5 mobile capabilities for line maintenance
  • In 2014, the Maintenix portfolio is expanded with the launch of Maintenix MRO Edition, a purpose-built product designed to support the delivery of service excellence for MRO Service Providers. Original Maintenix software is re-branded Maintenix Operator Edition
  • The next two years is marked by unprecedented growth across all segments, with new relationships at Saab Group, HAECO, Cape Air, Mesa, Southwest, KLM UK Engineering, Myanmar National Airlines/ATR, euroAtlantic, and Copa Airlines
  • Maintenix global footprint grows to more than 11,000 assets
  • Mxi adopts an Agile approach to the way it builds products, brings them to market and delivers best-in-class services to Maintenix customers, helping significantly decrease product time to market while strengthening market adoption. Today, the Company supports a “Go Live” on average every six weeks
  • In late 2015, Mxi moves into its new 45,000+ sq. ft. Corporate Headquarters in west Ottawa, featuring modern amenities and the necessary space to accommodate growing staff and operations
  • Around the same time, the Company opens its new U.S. headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex region to respond to increasing demand for Maintenix in the Americas

The Way Forward

The rapid progress of new technologies, together with anticipated fleet turnover, will have a profound impact on the market over the next decade and beyond. Not surpisingly, MRO renewal remains a top priority in the executive boardrooms, and is pushing aviation organizations across all segments to lean heavily on new data-driven approaches that can enable stronger performance.

From its humble early days to today, Mxi Technologies has been providing global maintenance professionals with the tools and services they need to succeed, now and in the future. With one of the market’s largest software footprints and a brand reputation that is synonymous with MRO innovation, Mxi is strategically positioned for the next stage of growth and prosperity.

CEO Soundbyte – Jon Slangerup (October 2016)

“Without the significant contributions of our global customers and partners, Mxi Technologies wouldn't be where it is today. Supported by an Mxi team that is second to none in the industry, we are confident that the success of the past two decades will continue for many years to come, with Mxi playing a leading role in building the future of aviation maintenance management.”

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