Mxi Technologies Launches MRO IT Industry First with its Avinomic Predictive Control System

Mxi’s exclusive PCS drives broader oversight through real-time, enterprise-wide enforcement of MRO business, resource, and regulatory compliance constraints

News at a Glance

  • Mxi announces industry first with the launch of Avinomic Predictive Control System (PCS)
  • The PCS governs the enterprise-wide enforcement of MRO business, resource, and regulatory compliance constraints
  • The Mxi Avinomic PCS is the core enabling technology behind the newly-announced Maintenix v8

Ottawa, Canada (November 28, 2012) – Mxi® Technologies, the leader in aviation maintenance management software, today announced an MRO IT industry first with the availability of the company’s exclusive Avinomic Predictive Control System™ (PCS), which further allows aviation maintenance organizations to govern the current and future state of operational asset maintenance all while enforcing MRO business, resource, and regulatory compliance constraints across the enterprise.

Mxi’s Avinomic PCS, has been architected to support the execution of business-process driven performance, the elimination of process problems contributing to system waste, and the mitigation of in-process risk, through the coupling of:

  • Baseline Logic for reference control, which consists of rules and policies — both asset and organizational — that are explicitly defined, managed in real-time, and continuously applied to actions within the system.
  • A State Transition System for operational and logistical control, which takes every transaction that has occurred in the system and applies the constraints held within the Baseline Logic and creates or adjusts all pending actions.
  • An Enforcement & Refinement Engine for business and regulatory compliance, which supports the capture and trending of unscheduled transactions to drive greater predictability and compliance back into the system.

Maintenix® customers can expect to see a significant operational impact through the application of the Avinomic PCS, including greater confidence in reducing turnaround times, eliminating material delays, and minimizing inventory gross stock value, among other maintenance-related improvements.

The Mxi Avinomic PCS is the core enabling technology behind Mxi’s market-leading Maintenix software, providing the foundation for the advanced planning, mobility, and data analytics functions found in the latest version of the product, Maintenix version 8. Continued research and development investment in the Avinomic PCS will ensure that subsequent releases of the Maintenix software will continue to provide additional business benefit to aviation maintenance organizations.

“Mxi’s Avinomic Predictive Control System provides organizations with the confidence to predictably manage aviation maintenance as a profitable business,” says Jeff Cass, Chief Technology Officer, Mxi Technologies. “By creating an MRO IT system that wholly encapsulates and controls the aviation maintenance experience, Mxi has created a platform for our customers to launch transformational advancements in support of tangible business benefits, including double digit returns.”

About Mxi Technologies
With solutions designed specifically for aviation maintenance, Mxi Technologies provides integrated and intelligent software, support, and services to commercial airlines, MROs, OEM aftermarket service providers, and defense operators. Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix® software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, long range and automated line planning, automated workflow, electronic signatures, support for portable wireless devices, and a comprehensive range of integration APIs. Mxi Technologies’ customers range from emerging, small to midsized organizations to the largest global enterprises.

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