Air France Industries Selects Maintenix Software to Support the A380

Ottawa, Canada (August 28, 2007) – Mxi Technologies announced today that Air France Industries (AFI) has selected the Maintenix® maintenance management software for implementation in support of the A380. The Maintenix system will provide Engineering, Line, and Heavy Maintenance capabilities. This system allows the sharing of accurate, near real time data between organizations, leading to enhanced productivity and decision making.

The choice of the Maintenix system to support the A380 comes after the KLM Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) choice of the Maintenix system for the A330 and B737, and shows another step in a growing relationship between AFI KLM E&M, one of the world’s biggest multi-product aircraft maintenance groups, and Mxi Technologies.

“The technological advances of the A380 pose challenges for today’s MRO IT infrastructure and Air France Industries required a commercially off-the-shelf system that was capable of accommodating these next generation requirements,” said Alain Bassil President of Air France industries. He added: “One of the key strengths of the Maintenix software is its proven ability to manage complex configurations. We also saw the opportunity to realize productivity improvements through optimal utilization of resources, making Maintenix the best choice for our organization.”

“The merger of Air France and KLM has allowed MRO customers to benefit from a truly comprehensive service offering,” said Les Hine, President of Mxi Technologies. “Air France Industries saw the Maintenix product as a fundamental tool in supporting the new A380 fleet, optimizing processes across the airline group, and increasing customer satisfaction. We are thrilled to be moving forward in our relationship with this world class company.”

About Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance
Air France Industries and KLM Engineering & Maintenance, which joined forces following the Air France KLM merger, are world-leading multi-product MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) providers with a joint workforce of 15,000, offering comprehensive repair capability, integration expertise, component pool operational support and a powerful logistics network. Together they support more than 900 aircraft and serve upwards of 150 major international airlines. –

About Mxi Technologies
With solutions designed specifically for aviation maintenance, Mxi Technologies provides integrated and intelligent software, support, and services to commercial airlines, MROs, OEM aftermarket service providers, and defense operators. Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix® software uses a modern architecture and provides advanced capabilities such as a role-based Web browser interface, long range and automated line planning, automated workflow, electronic signatures, support for portable wireless devices, and a comprehensive range of integration APIs. Mxi Technologies’ customers range from emerging, small to midsized organizations to the largest global enterprises.

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