The MRO Cloud

Leveraging new technologies for future success

As operational environments and maintenance business practices change, maintenance professionals need new ways to maintain their competitive edge and sustain their future. In this atmosphere of change and evolution, Cloud computing represents a significant technology that has the potential to transform the world of aviation MRO and usher in a new era of innovation and advancement. The advent of the Cloud and a shared IT infrastructure, offers the possibility where:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will benefit from return-on-experience information, which will feed back into improved products for all
  • Fleet managers will have infrastructure and information to make forecast plans, budgets, and cost lines for bidding work, leading to improved control, visibility and better decision making
  • Airline operators will benefit from reduced barriers to implementation since traditional architectural burdens required for software-as-a-service are now offset to other parties
  • MRO service providers will now have easier access to all the data being generated by aircraft and the corresponding work that needs to be done.

With an unparalleled commitment to excellence and innovation, Mxi Technologies continues to explore meaningful ways of improving maintenance planning and execution for our customer community and the aviation market as a whole. Cloud computing is no exception. We are actively working with our customers and partners to explore the development of the MRO Cloud as a major step forward in realizing the measurable efficiency gains being asked for by the industry.

Join the evolution. Contact Mxi today to learn more about the potential for the MRO Cloud.

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Mxi Technologies Chief Innovation Officer Jeff Cass discusses how cloud computing has the potential to transform the MRO industry.


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