Advanced Aircraft

Making the most of advanced, software-enabled aircraft

Like never before, next-generation aircraft have the potential to help airlines address some of the key challenges they face in operating within a highly competitive landscape, meeting the expectations of passenger comfort, and addressing environmental considerations.

However, despite offering considerable opportunity for realizing operational efficiencies, airlines are potentially negating the operational benefits of introducing next- generation aircraft into their fleet by choosing to limit their maintenance organization with legacy systems or complex process workarounds.  

To meet the maintenance requirements of advanced, software-enabled aircraft, today’s operators need an approach that can handle both the volume and increased complexity of asset configuration management in addition to offering the most advanced MRO solution available on the market. The optimized maintenance environment powered by the Maintenix software offers:

  • A single system for the management of all hardware and software configurations
  • Real-time validation of the authorized flying configuration
  • Proactive identification of conflicts or incompatibilities at the point of maintenance execution
  • A proven solution for the capture and dissemination of data coming off the aircraft
  • A closed-loop system for continuous improvement and identification of new efficiencies

Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix software offers next-generation aircraft operators a proven opportunity to introduce key operational efficiencies into their maintenance operation. By maintaining all information related to allowable software and hardware configuration, Maintenix empowers maintenance organizations by providing a whole-picture view of the real time state-of-maintenance and compliance at the point of execution, which can significantly reduce human error and increase aircraft uptime.

All of this is backed by our team of aviation MRO professionals who offer extensive experience helping leading client organizations successfully capitalize on the promise of advanced, software-enabled aircraft.  

Check out our videos spotlighting Mxi Technologies' advanced aircraft successes at Qantas, Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing GoldCare, LAN and Air France.

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