What Our Customers are Saying

“The technological advances of the A380 pose challenges for today’s MRO IT infrastructure, and Air France Industries required a commercially off-the-shelf system that was capable of accommodating these next-generation requirements.”

- Alain Bassil, President of Air France Industries


“In order to offer our customers the best in terms of price and service, we must ensure that we have the most efficient and effective maintenance organization possible. With this goal in mind, our choice of Mxi Technologies and the Maintenix software was an obvious one... Mxi’s unparalleled expertise and product capabilities were integral to successfully meeting our objectives for the implementation, including our migration from Maxi Merlin.”

- Manoj R K Ujoodha, CEO, Air Mauritius

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“Faced with increasingly complex maintenance requirements, we turned to the market leader in integrated maintenance management solutions to help shape our business.”

- AIROD Representative

“Following a rigorous evaluation process, it quickly emerged that Mxi Technologies was the right partner — and Maintenix the right software — to enable BAE Systems’ organizational goals for our current and future sustainment programs... Mxi continually impressed us with their industry knowledge and their ability to demonstrate proven value within key areas of our business.”

- Martin Blaze, Maintenance and Support Director for BAE Systems military air sector

“Cape Air strives to deliver the safest and most reliable flight services in the market today. This can only be achieved when all parts of the business – particularly Customer Services, Flight Operations and MRO – are working together as a unified entity. Maintenix proved to be the best solution capable of delivering all of the core functionality we need to streamline operations, facilitate timely information insights, and expand the business without ever compromising our commitment to customer satisfaction.”

- Linda Markham, President of Cape Air


"The positive results we have experienced to date cannot be undersold. Optimizing the way we perform line and A checks, coupled with the significant reduction in layover times, mean our aircraft are spending more time in revenue-generation mode, and less time in the hangar. Factoring in the cost reductions achieved to date, we are setting ourselves up well for stronger financial performance."

- Huong Wang, Vice President - Engineering, China Airlines

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"At Copa we are very proud of our efforts to provide world-class service day after day for our customers. This commitment extends to the very root of our operations, including maintenance, where we adhere to nothing less than the highest standards of quality and safety. Mxi proved to be the right partner with the ideal solution capable of delivering the information we need to improve our already world-class performance and to expand our business.”

- Ahmad R. Zamany, Vice President of Technical Operations at Copa Airlines

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“In evaluating vendors, it became apparent that Mxi Technologies’ software was the best solution capable of supporting the increasing sophistication of our fleet and our rigorous demands for compliance control.”

- Girma Wake, CEO, Ethiopian Airlines

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“As one of the fast growing MRO service providers in North America, we have never lost sight of what sets us apart in the market; unrivaled maintenance expertise and unparalleled customer service. The in-visit visibility afforded by the Maintenix MRO Edition software, coupled with sophisticated process automation, provides us with even greater control over our committed deliverables ensuring that we continue to exceed customer expectations.”

- Tucker Morrison, Chief Operating Officer, Flightstar Aircraft Services


“The end-user receptivity to the software has been positive. We attribute this to Mxi’s in-depth knowledge of airlines Maintenance and Engineering operations and the continuous collaboration between the Mxi and IAE teams throughout the project.”

- Greg Gernhardt, Vice President, Operations and Customer Programs, IAE

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“In Maintenix we have identified a strong product, supported by a comprehensive RoadMap that closely aligns with our existing and future requirements, as well as a strong vendor with a professional and knowledgeable team.”

- Jens Bjarnason, Vice President, Technical Services, Icelandair

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“We were impressed with the quality of the people, the success record of the company, and the capabilities of the Maintenix system to support our business and our interactions with our airline customers.”
- Bassem Masri, Chief Technical Officer, JorAMCo


“KLM E&M has been very pleased with the performance of Mxi and its Maintenix software product. Maintenix has allowed us to streamline the management of our MSG-3 maintenance programs and the planning of our maintenance visits for our 737 aircraft.”

- Aad Buijze, VP Business Development Office for KLM Engineering & Maintenance

“The benefits of the Maintenix MRO Edition firmly align with our business objectives and will allow us to not only support our customers’ requirements today, but also our continued ability to deliver on the future needs of an evolving industry.”

- Arjan Meijer, Managing Director, KLMUKE

“The overall efficiencies that we have seen across our maintenance organization since our initial adoption of the Maintenix software have been significant.”

- Hernan Pasman, SVP of Operations and Maintenance, LATAM Airlines

“Maintenix met all of our core requirements for a maintenance solution that could deliver the right mix of innovation, ingenuity and information insights, keeping us at the forefront of a fast-evolving and highly-competitive market.”

- Jonathan Ornstein, Chairman and CEO, Mesa Airlines

“Upgrading our fleet, and the critical maintenance management practices that support it, reflects our commitment to offering world-class standards of safety, comfort and punctuality to our passengers. A modern fleet supported by advanced operational IT systems and processes gives Myanmar National Airlines the opportunity to change the way we serve our country.”

- Captain Than Tun, Chief Executive Officer, Myanmar National Airlines


“To constantly improve our competitive position in a global market, we made a strategic decision to select Maintenix as the platform to renew our processes."

- David Cox, Executive General Manager, Qantas Engineering

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“Throughout the evaluation process, it readily became apparent that IFS Maintenix was the right solution capable of meeting our needs for a modern, flexible, and user-friendly approach to maintenance management and compliance control.”

- Gary Pratt, Vice President, Maintenance and Engineering, PSA Airlines


“Teaming with Mxi Technologies is an important step for Saab in securing access to best-of-breed tools which support delivery of innovative support solutions to meet current and future customer requirements. A state-of-the-art Fleet Management capability for Air, Land and Naval domains is an essential part of Saab´s support solution portfolio.”

- Lena Bergvin-Lundqvist, Vice President and Head of Business Unit Life Cycle Logistics at Saab

“Effectively maintaining and delivering a fleet of Safe and reliable aircraft is our top priority. We’re impressed with Mxi Technologies’ comprehensive software solution that addresses the operational complexities that come with maintaining a growing fleet.”

- Jim Sturgis, Managing Director Quality Assurance, Aircraft Standards and Training, Southwest Airlines

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“[The] enhanced visibility has allowed us to confidently reduce our line station inventory and increase the number of aircraft that are maintained whilst continuing to deliver the system availability targets demanded by our customers.”

- John Armstrong, Director of Airline Operations at Thales Avionics Inc.

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“The F/A-18 Automated Maintenance Environment, with Mxi’s Maintenix software at its core, has been a tremendous success… At the fleet level, the system brings together all aspects necessary for visibility throughout the user/supplier network.”

- Captain (Rear Admiral Select) James B. Goodwin III, U.S. Navy F/A-18 Program Manager

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